LETSHUOER 6th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway

LETSHUOER & ChiFi Audio Reviews

To celebrate LETSHUOER´s 6th Anniversary and to express our gratitude to everyone who always supports us, this time we team up with ChiFi Audio Reviews to give away the coming new planar IEM S12 Pro-Letshuoer 6th anniversary special edition, which will be launched soon!

Prize: S12 Pro (1 Winner)
Enter time: 18th Aug. 2022-15th Sept. 2022

We've also preprared some special offers for you during the Letshuoer anniversary celebration. Definitely the best time to get your fave Letshuoer IEMs enjoying up to 50% off! Don't miss out!


The winner will be randomly selected by a third-party prize draw service, and will be announced on 20th Spetember, 2022 by @ChiFi Audio Reviews.

LETSHUOER will contact the winner, in the event of no response within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

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