EJ07M - Bestes Bühnen-IEM für Sänger, Schlagzeuger, Studioeinsatz

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Das Entwicklungsziel des EJ07M war es, die hohen Anforderungen von
Bühnenauftritten und Mixing zu erfüllen. Er ist der beste In-Ear-Monitor für Sänger,
Schlagzeuger und Studio-Monitoring.


☆Flaggschiff unter den In-Ear-Monitoren, entwickelt für Bühnenauftritte.

☆Beste In-Ear-Monitore für Sänger, Schlagzeuger, Bands und DJ


Kabelanschlüsse: 3,5 mm

  • 3,5 mm
  • 4,4 mm

Option auswählen: Fraktales Silber

  • Fraktales Silber
  • Graphit Schwarz
  • Universal Custom Resin
  • Complete Custom Resin
  • 3.5mm Black+DT01
  • 3.5mm Silver+DT01
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$669.00 $649.00

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Best in ear monitors For stage performance.

EJ07M is crafted to meet the high requirements of stage performance. It
is the best stage performing in ear monitors and best suited for
singers, drummers and studio mixing use.

Hybrid drivers IEM with Advanced Electrostatic Technology

with four Sonion EST65QB02 electrostatic drivers, two Sonion 2389
balanced armature mid-woofer drivers and one 10mm nanocarbon membrane
dynamic driver, which works together through an exquisitely tuned
three-way crossover for low distortion and awesome treble presentation. LETSHUOER EJ07M is best suited for stage performance which demands accurate and swift response.

Long sessions and passive noise rejection

is housed in an aviation aluminum alloy sound cavity which brings two
benefits for stage passionate performance. One is to ensure
non-fatiguing long sessions, the other is to block up to 26 dB of
ambient noise. At the same time, it comes with a unique faceplate design
and powder blasted smooth finish. EJ07M itself is a fashion statement. Whether it’s stage or studio uses, EJ07M has you covered.

Premium Stainless Steel Earshells & Designer Faceplates

EJ07M earpieces are crafted using high-quality 316L Stainless
Steel material. They feature an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit
and artistic designer faceplates for a unique look. The pair is
available in two different color options, silver cavity with multi-color
faceplate and black cavity with carbon fiber and gold flaked faceplate.

HIFI High-Purity OCC Cable

EJ07M is equipped with a high-purity OCC monocrystalline copper cable.
It features a braided structure to help reduce the cable noise and keep
the cable lightweight and flexible. It has standard 0.78mm connectors.
The pair can be bought in two different termination options, 3.5mm
single-ended or 4.4mm balanced.

What’s inside the box?

● Stock cable (3.5mm single ended or 4.4mm balanced)
● Metal carrying case
● 2 pairs of foam tips
● 3 pairs of silicone tips
● Warranty information pamphlet


>Hochwertig ausgestattet mit einer Tribrid-Konfiguration mit sieben Treibern auf jeder Seite.

>Sonion Quad Electrostatic Drivers.

>Zwei Sonion 2389 Balanced-Armature-Treiber.

>Dynamischer 10-mm-Kohlenstoffnanoröhren-Treiber.

>Mischfarbige oder Karbonfaser-Verkleidungen.

>Ergonomisch gestaltete Hohlräume aus Edelstahl.

>Komfortabel zu tragen.

>Hochintergründige Klangabstimmung.

>Impedanz: 19 Ohm.

>Empfindlichkeit: 107 dB.

>Frequenzbereich: 20Hz-30kHz.

>Verzerrung: 0.5%.

>Anschlusstyp: Standard 0,78mm.

>Hochreines OCC-Kupferkabel.

>Erhältlich mit einpoligen 3,5-mm- und symmetrischen 4,4-mm-Anschlüssen.

Nach dem Erfolg des Flaggschiffs EJ07 hat Shuoer
eine Serienversion desselben auf den Markt gebracht: den brandneuen Shuoer
EJ07M. Erleben Sie Ihre Musik in einem völlig neuen Licht mit der fortschrittlichen Tribrid
Konfiguration, die elektrostatische, dynamische und Balanced-Armature
Treiber in einer Designer-Ohrmuschel vereint.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

As I'm yearning for more tri-brid driver set-up IEMs and eventually, I have obtained another one as I believe that hybrid drivers IEMs are the best when it comes to implementation that gives me a better sonic performance and high fidelity. EJ07M is the mass-produced version of the well-received EJ07 and it still retains its tribrid implementation inside while it has a newer shell chassis design.


△ A rigid and solid stainless steel shell chassis with cubism-inspired face plate.
△ For a stainless steel shell chassis, It is a lightweight one.
△ Good quality stock cable.
△ Quantity amount of inclusions included in EJ07M's packaging box.
△ High quality aluminium alloy IEM case
△ Probably the least demanding tribrid when it comes to amplification rating as it is easiest to a drive among the available tri-brid sets in the market.
△ A "reference-neutral" tonality will please the ears of most experienced audio enthusiasts.
△ Balanced, succinct bass response.
△ Neutral, translucent and detailed midrange.
△ Crystal clear depiction and well-articulate vocal quality.
△ Almost tonally accurate depiction on most instruments' timbre.
△ Smooth, balanced and yet airy treble.
△ TOTL-level technical capabilities.
△ It has an inimitable imaging, separation and layering profiency among the midrange sets that I have tested so far.


▽ Not for listeners who want a more coloured tonality.
▽ Sorry bassheads and trebleheads, you might avert this kind of tuning.
▽ Stubby nozzle might not for everyone's ears.(subjective)
▽ EJ07M really deserves an even better, modular cable.

For more information, check the link below:


Nicholaus Harvey

EJ07M - Best stage performing IEM for singers, drummers, studio use

Evert Pollich

Shuoer never disappoint, the shipping was as fast as possible and the communication with the seller was great. About the EJ07M you can check the reviews online, it's a excellent balanced earphone with great depth and stage, a lot of dynamics and smooth sound. I do not find it dark as some people say. Highly Recommend.

Rae Braun

Wow Just Wow. These are incredible IEMs. As Always - Service and Sales Support from Shuoer. Thank You. I just left this first very brief impression on Head-Fi:
I've had the EJ07Ms in my ears for the last 10 minutes and Holy Smokes! These slam! Perhaps, no, definitely the best electrostatic implementation I've heard so far. Wow. I really think I'm finally done and there's all kinds of gear about to hit the classifieds. If they sound this good out of the box I really can't wait for the requisite 150 hours of use to be finished. I've had several CNT DD units and a few Electrostatic IEMs and without exception they all developed and refined with time so I am genuinely excited about where these are headed. I went straight for the Azla Sedna Earfit Shorts and I'm getting an incredible seal and flush fit providing deep lush full and detailed sound. I AM VERY HAPPY!

Russ Ritchie

First of all, I am very happy with the seller. His price is very good. It took a while to send the product, but once it was on the way, the reception was very fast.
The earphones are beautiful, my wife told me they look like cufflinks. The sound is very realistic, it follows the Harman curve, they have an impressive sub-bass, well-defined mids and treble that, without having too much air, shows the scene and transients quite well, not showing an artificial level of detail. I had to "busmod" them (glue Tanchjim Oxygen or Tanya filters to the nozzle) to remove some screeching highs (search "shuoer ej07m shortbus" for details).
Combined with my Sony DAP, they have become my endgame. It has just the sound I was looking for.

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EJ07M - Bestes Bühnen-IEM für Sänger, Schlagzeuger, Studioeinsatz

3,5 mm / Fraktales Silber
3,5 mm / Fraktales Silber
$669.00 $649.00