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LETSHUOER Singer is a petite in ear monitors headphones with exquisite design for ladies and girls alike. As per word of mouth from our fans, it is an in ear monitors that every lady deserves to own.

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  • Petite and exquisite design in ear monitors that Letshuoer creates for girls and ladies.
  • Must own in ear monitors headphones for girlas per feedback and reviews from worldwide Fans.
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Small but mighty

LETSHUOER Singer is the best in ear monitors for the money. We designed this in ear monitors for ladies and girls alike. It features a Magnetostatic Hybrid (MSH) driver that has an 8mm dynamic driver which is housed in a miniscule chassis. The MSH driver promotes a low distortion rate, instantaneous response and excellent separation. It is rich in detail and has impeccable instrument performance. As the best budget in ear monitor headphones, Singer is designed to deliver the goods: clear and transparent highs, coherent mids and powerful lows.


Inspired by modern industrial design and decorating art, Singer mixes basics headphone elements with forward thinking fashion art. Engraved upon the chassis is a short poem that reads:

The auditorium, resonating with the singer’s voice; the lyrics, dissolved into the depths of euphoria;
the melody, expands and envelops your senses. Leaving you stranded on the stage of music.

Ergonomic Design

Singer has a simple and neat shape that is designed to promote isolation and comfort. This tiny footprint means it can sit comfortably in the ear canal, and the smooth polish work ensures it fits like a charm. Together with the complementary foam and silicone ear tips, you will sure find a combination that works for you.

In the box contents

  • Faux-leather carrying case
  • Memory foam ear tips
  • Soft silicone ear tips
  • Neutral silicone ear tips
  • Low frequency filters
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
DriversMagnetostatic hybrid (MSH) with 8mm dynamic driver
Frequency Response20Hz – 30KHz
Distortion< 0.8%
Cable1.25m Copper
ConnectorStandard 0.78mm Dual Pin
Plug2.5mm Balanced
Case Material304 Stainless Steel


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