An in ear monitors company leads the trend.

We don’t follow trends, we keep building in ear monitors trend and making new breakthrough. LETSHUOER is an in ear monitors company founded in August 2016. It is founded by a group of in ear monitors geekers and audiophiles with average 16 years of experience, We are pride discovering the best possible sonic materials, painstakingly tweaking the parameters to refine the tuning for a natural listening experience, and extracting every ounce of soul from the music to the end user. We believe our in ear monitors end users’ approval is the only fuel in our prosperity. Come to meet our team.

Danny To

Founder & CEO

Once a senior engineer in Panasonic and the sales director of a multinational technology company, Danny was always at the forefront of audio industry. With over 2 decades acoustics engineering and audio manufacturing experiences, more and more creative ideas gradually emerged in his mind. As an ambitious audoiphile, he can not keep ignoring all these. After figuring out that only he and a newly-bulit innovative audio company can realize his great ideas, SHUOER ACCOUSTICS was found in August 2016 with Jeff Wong. You may click here to check what’s the ideas or purpose that every LETSHUOER in ear monitors is created of. As Danny always says, “I know that only with really good products that really meet people’s expectation and reliable service can an enterprise be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and last for a century.”

Jeff Wong

Cofounder & ID Engineer

Jeff was once the department head of Dah Chong Hong Group and the department director of ZhongSheng Group. Plenty of ID Engineering experience enables Jeff to bring our brilliant in ear monitors collections to the HIFI industry with not only good looking but also ultimate comfort.
The reason why Jeff to be the cofounder of SHUOER ACCOUSTICS, “Whenever I am at leisure, listening hifi music is always my favorite. To me, HIFI is my life. That’s why together we establish SHUOER.”



Audiovisual Engineer

Engaged in the acoustics industry for 23 years, with 9 years of development experience, worked in Taiwan Qiyu Electronics, Alexa Group and other companies. Proud disciple of master Huang Qinghui and Li Guoli.

Vision: I hope to develop better good products that eliminate stress and annoying brains for people who live a busy life, and become people’s “toner” to create more beautiful color of life.



Acoustic Adviser

The Winner of the AEA Car Audio World Championship in 2020; Chief Technology Officer of Guangzhou Lingquan Audio, who has been an expert evolved with music and electronic technology for 35 years of experience.

Vision: Don’t be the enjoyer behind the achievement, but seek the true voice that deserves no shame. He is a rare god level audiophile and never cease for ultimate HIFI hearing.


LeBron Xu

Structural Engineer

LeBron once worked in a billion-level enterprise. He is extremely familiar with the research and development process. At the same time he has a wealth of structural design experience and a deep understanding of various post-processing techniques.


Bryan Yao

Acoustic Engineer

Bryan is a senior acoustic engineer. He once held an important position in the audio technical research and development department of a multinational company. He has more than ten years of experience in headset design and development

Gordon Chan

Sales Director

Gordon is a brand marketing for 12 years. He has a keen brand awareness and many practical marketing strategy. He is an audiophile as well. He joined LETSHUOER because of EJ07M.

Lin Jiang

Brand Director

Mr. Jiang is a senior brand and space designer with17 years of experience in design and planning career.
He is a not only an audiophile but also the member of Beijing Special Mission Band.

Eva Chan

New Media Photographer

Eva is a loyal music and instrument lover with 2 years of photography experience. She has a solid foundation in photography, a keen sense of fashion and unique insights into artistic beauty.

Maris Yao

Graphics Designer

Maris is a graphics Designer with 6 years of design experience. He is a fan of HIFI music. He likes games, music, books, photography. He is also a fan of LETSHUOER and thus joining our team.

Jenny Deng

Brand Marketing

Jenny is an audiophile for 10 years. He likes classical music and sports. As he said, “Music + sports can stimulate my potential. Hifi is my life”. With the love of hifi, he joined our LETSHUOER big family.


China Headquater

2/F, BLDG 39-1,International Innovation Port, Mulun, Changping TownDongguan City, Guangdong 523570 China

Email: info@letshuoer.net

North America

WhatsApp: +85262978356
Email: usa@letshuoer.net
Text: +16725148356

The United Kingdom

Suit 506,105 London Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4QD, The United Kingdom

Email: uk@letshuoer.net