LETSHUOER 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

It is about time to celebrate with the desired hifi wired headphones.

11.11 or 11th, November is a super shopping festival that originated in China and now has been accepted and celebrated by people worldwide. To thank you for all the trust and support for all our customers, we are to celebrate this crazy shopping festival with a fantastic GIVEAWAY and a super sweet discount. Make sure to join the celebration by entering the GIVEAWAYS from 1st, November [GMT+8 0:00 AM] to 12th, November 2022[GMT+8 23:59 PM].

Check below the celebrating campaigns during this period:

1. Join the fantastic GIVEAWAYS.

2. Get an extra 10% discount coupon by joining LETSHUOER VIP for Free.

3. Buy 1 get 1 free! Buying anyone of EJ07M, EJ07, CONDUCTOR, EJ09 will get 1 SINGER as a free gift.

4. Enjoy the super sweet discount across all e-commerce platforms as listed below.

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