Letshuoer CanJam Shanghai

Sound Alive

The CanJam Shanghai drew to a close successfully at June 9th.

This event was not only about all kinds of IEM but also about building a community of audiophiles. Notable brands showcased their flagship products, highlighting their unique features and superior performance.


A Broader Soundscape

Revolutionary Planar Technology

Proprietary R-Sonic passive filtering module


The sensational prodigy

Melodies of enchantment

This time, Letshuoer displayed the previously well-liked old products such as Cadenza4: The 10mm dual-chambered beryllium coated DD and Knowles & Sonion BA has left a deep impression on the audiophiles present.

As a classic planar IEM of Letshuoer, S15 has brought the consistently excellent performance. Every detail is implemented to contribute to the sound quality.

The CanJam Shanghai has now come to an end.

Let's celebrate this wonderful occasion and express our eager anticipations.

This event has not only brought us closer to the world of headphones but also allowed us to explore and appreciate the amazing technology and sound quality they offer.

We look forward to next CanJam and Letshuoer will Constantly bestow you with excellent performance on IEM!


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