The Innovative Form of Dynamic Driver IEM

3DD+1PR Essential EDC Hifi In-ear Monitor

On July 15, 2023, LETSHUOER officially unveils its new multi-dynamic driver product - the DZ4, offering exceptional value for the performance and delivering a superior listening experience. Whether you are an audiophile or music enthusiast with a passion for sound, the LETSHUOER DZ4 allows you to extract every ounce of music details and allows you to rediscover all the nuances in every track you love.

LETSHUOER DZ4 will be officially released on July 15th, with a retail price of $89 USD. The DZ4 is a great entry to the market, both in terms of pricing and product specifications.

“3DD+1PR” a different take on DD IEM design

LETSHUOER DZ4 has undergone multiple adjustments and refinements to breakthrough technological barriers, resulting in a one-of-a-kind driver array on the market: triple 6mm titanium diaphragm dynamic drivers and a single 6mm passive radiator. 

The three dynamic drivers each perform their respective roles, delivering excellent high-frequency performance, rapid transient response, and unleashing three times the sound energy. With the selection of excellent dynamic driver units, linear distortion of the sound is reduced, which leads to superior sound resolution. The 6mm passive radiator is carefully selected for the diaphragm material and its construction. It achieves fast and precise passive response requirements, which extends the rich and layered low frequency even further.

Four-way acoustic tubes, two-way crossover circuit

LETSHUOER DZ4 utilizes a four-way acoustic tubes plus a two-way crossover design. Thanks to LETSHUEOR's years of experience in multi-driver design, precise crossover tuning is employed to finely allocate the energy of the four drivers, ensuring a smooth transition among all drivers while delivering smooth and accurate frequency response across all octaves. This design ensures the quality of low frequencies while presenting a warm, neutral tuning.

DZ4 is equipped with carefully selected Knowles acoustic damping material, ensuring stable sound transmission. The drivers are connected to the dual-pin receptacle via a flexible printed circuit (FPC) crossover board, reducing the weight of the earphones while maintaining an organized and clean internal layout.

High precision 3D printed chassis

LETSHUOER DZ4 features a brand-new acoustic unit architecture that demands high precision in chassis production. In collaboration with HeyGears Technology, LETSHUOER utilizes high-precision integrated 3D printing techniques to enable stable and efficient mass production of the complex internal structure of the DZ4.

The overall front chassis is designed to meet ergonomic principles, based on extensive research involving tens of thousands of ear mold data, resulting in a contoured model that fits most ear shapes. Combined with a special blend of resin material that prevents skin irritation, the DZ4 guarantees comfortable wearing, while also possessing strong sound quality performance and an aesthetically appealing design.

Chassis design – a fusion of metal and resin

The faceplate of LETSHUOER DZ4 is crafted with CNC-milled anodized aluminum, which underwent a sandblasting treatment to present a subtle matte texture. The delicate and soft surface is cleverly combined with the resin material of the chassis, creating an artistic masterpiece that looks and sounds the part.

To alleviate internal pressure caused by the simultaneous operation of the three dynamic driver units and the passive radiator, the DZ4 adopts a semi-open back cavity design, effectively releasing pressure to ensure long-lasting and comfortable wearing.

High-quality cable with detachable dual-pin design

The LETSHUOER DZ4 comes standard with a high-quality 216-core * 0.05mm silver-plated copper cable, which serves as the cornerstone of sound purity and transparency. The earpieces feature 0.78mm dual-pin receptacles, which allows for interchangeable cables, enabling users to enhance the sound and look by cable rolling.

Practical accessories

The LETSHUOER DZ4 package includes a durable storage box for comprehensive earphone protection, making it easy to organize and carry accessories. It comes with six pairs of high-quality ear tips in two different styles, allowing you to choose the most suitable fit for yourself.

Essential EDC earphones

From the inception of LETSHUOER DZ4, the goal has always been to provide high-quality sound experience anytime, anywhere. Whether it's for music, gaming, movies, or commuting, DZ4 can meet or surpass expectations in various usage scenarios. In short, an essential companion to content consumption.


Sensitivity 104dB
Frequency Response 20Hz〜40kHz
Impedance 12Ω
Chassis Material 3D printed resin
Cable 1.2m 0.05m*216 silver-plated monocrystalline copper
Driver 3 * 6mm titanium dome dynamic driver + 6mm passive radiator
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