LETSHUOER Cadenza flagship 12 hybrid drivers in-ear headphones


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LETSHUOER Cadenza is the new LETSHUOER flagship in-ear headphones . It features with 12 hybrid drivers, titanium chassis, six-way electronic crossover five acoustic bores, and 204-strands cable 6N Monocrystalline Copper and Silver Hybrid. Most importantly, it represents the TOP artisanship from LETSHUOER ACOUSTIC .

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The Eminent Virtuoso Performer

This is actually my first official full review of a top of the line, flagship IEM and this one is from LETSHUOER. This is LETSHUOER CADENZA 12, like all TOTL IEMs, it is a hybrid driver set consisting of 11 BA drivers and a single composite dynamic driver.


△ A very sturdy titanium alloy shell chassis to ensure high durability.
△ The fact that it is a titanium alloy shell, it is quite light and its UIEM style contours fits well into my lug holes.
△ High quality modular stock cable for termination versatility for different outputs.
△ Inclusions are of high quality.
△ Probably, the best product packaging presentation that I have encounter so far.
△ Balanced to warmish-neutral tuning that is quite very engaging and lively, TOTL-tuning has some of the unique tonal profile.
△ Punchy, sufficient warm bass response yet it is very clean and well-controlled, absolutely no smearing on other frequencies.
△ Adequately warm, evenly textured and immaculate midrange.
△Superbly tremendous vocal projection.
△Sufficiently shimmering and crisp treble quality.
△ Very airy and sparkly treble extension to add up more brilliance and harmonics.
△ Outstanding overall technical performance.


▽ Mirror-finish surface of the shells (I hate wiping it out constantly due to fingerprint smudges).
▽ To be honest, very pricey and expensive unless you are a deep pocketed audiophile who can wad out on it.
▽ Of all things that a TOTL flagship level IEM product packaging forgot, a mere cleaning tool.
▽ Definitely not for uber-bassheads, and also for dry and analytical connoisseurs.

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LETSHUOER Cadenza flagship 12 hybrid drivers in-ear headphones