LETSHUOER In The Taiwan Portable Audio Fair in 2022

LETSHUOER has been committed to provide specialized
audio products for audio enthusiasts around the world since its establishment.
Actively participate in relavant exhibitions can let everyone feel our products
offline and having a better communication.

At the end of 2022, we came to Taiwan again.


Taiwan Portable Audio Fair

2022 is the second year of the Taiwan Portable Audio
Fair. TPAF is an activitiy that gathers many headphone brands together in a
party mode and conducts headphone audition.


After four months, LETSHUOER came to Taiwan-Taipei
again to meet with friends.

From December 17th to 18th,
2022, we successfully participated in the largetst headphone exhibition in
Taiwan this year-TPAF.

Sound Alive

In this exhibition, we brought out the whole series
of LETSHUOER products.

The audition seats of D13 and S12pro are very
popular among Taiwanese friends. Both of them showed an impressive product
capabilities in this exhibition. LETSHUOER always provides users with the best
quality products and services.


D13 is a single dynamic driver IEM with a
professionally customized 13MM high performance unit. With its wide sound
stage, it can perform rock and exciting music with high quality. Low frequency
details are rich enough. It has a very comfortable listening experience.


On the basis of S12, S12pro made a sound
optimization and cable upgrades. S12pro has a smoother and more durable
high-frequency performance, that can handle Jazz, Rock, and Pop easily.
Besides, the new color appearance is equally wonderful as the classic ones.

See you soon

There were no empty seats at the TPAF site. LETSHUOER
could feel the significance of offline gatherings when communicated with
everyone each time.


See you soon

February 25th-26th,



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