LETSHUOER Cadenza Series

The halo product collection that are true virtuoso
LETSHUOER officially unveiled the Cadenza series on March 1st , 2023. This series is the company’s top of the line product line. Each one of them are the results of the engineering team’s know-how that was gained over the years. The main design goal of these high-end earphones is to reach the apex of what’s possible and beyond.

Five axis machining process

As the debut entry to this series, Cadenza 12 utilizes a high purity titanium alloy as the chassis material. The pros for titanium alloy include high structural strength while remaining relatively lightweight, magnificent acoustic properties and is less likely to cause irritation on direct skin contact. To achieve the balance between aesthetics and ergonomics, each Cadenza 12 goes through multiple milling, polishing, buffing, electroplating and anti-fingerprint finish processes. The final surface is smooth texture that elevates the aesthetics of the chassis.

All-star driver selection

For driver selection, Cadenza 12 utilize a 10mm DD along with 11 BA to form a flagship ensemble of drivers. The custom DD has a liquid silicone surround and Kevlar dome. This unit is chosen for the high fidelity replay of various instruments and micro details. 11 BA from Sonion and Knowles were put together to play the full spectrum, which is the bedrock of Cadenza 12’s excellent sound performance.

Six-way crossover

Engineers implemented a six-way crossover within the acoustic chamber of Cadenza 12. This includes a crossover network and five acoustic tubes from drivers to the nozzle. Placement of drivers, length of tubes, filter position and crossover points went through multiple revision and simulations to ensure the frequency response is smooth, precise, and in-phase.

Modular cable system

Cadenza 12, being the halo product of the company, comes with a top shelf stock cable. It is made of quality monocrystalline copper and monocrystalline silver in a hybrid weave configuration. The modular system comes with a set of 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm swappable connectors so to work with multiple source gears. The other end of the cable is a pair of 0.78mm dual-pin flush mount connectors.

Well-equipped accessories

The box that houses the Cadenza 12 is designed to be repurposed for storing other small items. It comes with wooden separators so to make it a more functional desktop organizer. On the accessories front, there are three types, three sizes of ear tips for different fit and seal.


Cadenza 12 hybrid in-ear monitor
Drivers 10mm LSS Kevlar DD + 7 Sonion BA + 4 Knowles BA
Sensitivity 110db/mW ± 1%
Distortion < 1%
Impedance 16Ω ± 1%
Frequency response 20Hz - 30kHz
Cable 204 strands monocrystalline copper and monocrystalline silver hybrid
Connector Modular 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm
Cable length 1.2m
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