A Broader Soundscape
6mm “R-Sonic” Passive Filtering Module
3rd Gen. 14.8mm dual chamber planar magnetic driver

LETSHUOER S15 is a testament to the engineering team’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of acoustic physics. After numerous experiments and tests, the team fine-tuned every detail and optimized the sound performance to the best of our efforts. Here is the breakdown on what goes into the creation of S15.

R-Sonic Passive Filtering Module

To achieve a more natural and comfortable sound reproduction, LETSHUOER's research and development team poured every ounce of their technical know-how into combining the 14.8mm dual chamber planar magnetic driver with LETSHUOER's proprietary 'R-Sonic' PFM technology. Breaking through multiple technological barriers, the S15 is another outstanding entry into LETSHUOER's planar earphone roaster, which delivers an unparalleled audio experience.

Learn more about R-Sonic

Dual Acoustic Tubes

The dual acoustic tubes filter the sound on different frequency bands, allowing the highs, mids, and lows to shine through proportionately and seamlessly. Every detail is carefully tuned, presenting an excellent balance of audio quality.

HeyGears crafted shells

The S15, after thorough optimization of its chamber structure, strikes a perfect balance between form and function. In collaboration with the class-leading 3D printing company, HeyGears, the shell is crafted to ensure a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience. The faceplate is made out of aluminum-magnesium alloy which is CNC precision carved, sandblasted, and then anodized. Not only does it look unique, but it is also resilient against scratch, smudge, and everyday use.

Quality interchangeable stock cable

S15 comes with a high-quality cable that is crafted from silver-plated monocrystalline copper which is minimize degradation of signal integrity. It features a flush mounted 0.78mm dual-pin connector and has three 90-degree interchangeable connectors (2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm). This accommodates various device interfaces and is suited for most usage scenarios.

Storage case and ear tips

The S15 comes equipped with two types and three sizes of ear tips, ensuring a tailored and comfortable wearing experience. The screw-on storage case has an intricately designed interior, which securely houses all small accessory to maximize utility. This allows your earphones, ear tips, cables, and adaptors to be neatly organized within the case.

LETSHUOER S15 Pre-order

LETSHUOER acoustic technology "R-Sonic dynamic harmonics" passive filtering module (PFM) is featured on LETSHUOER S15! The S15 pre-sale will kick off from December 1st to December 5th. Stay tuned for more news!

During the S15 pre-sale, order now to get a free M11 (choice between 3.5mm or 4.4mm jack) cable, which is limited to the first 20 customers!


  • Model: S15 Wired In-Ear Monitor
  • Sensitivity: 106dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz〜40kHz
  • Impedance: 30Ω
  • Chassis Material: 3D printed resin
  • Cable: 1.2m 216-strands silver-plated monocrystalline copper
  • Driver: 14.8mm Planar Driver + 6mm Passive Filtering Module
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