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LETSHUOER Tape Pro is a best buy dynamic headphones and armature iem for Heavy metal music and Rock&Roll enthusiatsts. 

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  • Upgrading generation of Letshuoer Tape in ear monitors
  • Even ultimate in ears hearing for Heavy metal music and Rock and Roll music 

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Best buy Dynamic Headphones & Armature IEM

Tape Pro is a best buy dynamic headphones and armature IEM for Heavy metal music and Rock & Roll enthusiasts.

It is a complete upgrading generation of LetShuoer Tape in ear monitors.

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How does this dynamic headphones born?

Tape Pro is an ultimate earphones upgrading from Tape. We took the feedback from our fans and went back to the drawing board. After numerous investigations and adjustments, our engineers emerged from the depths of our laboratory with a new internal design that is nothing short of evolution. We kept the hybrid magnetostatic dynamic driver that put the OG tape on the map. The same fast, dynamic music playback and excellent separation are still there. With the new driver and filter placement, we’ve tamed the 4KHz peak, increased the vertical soundscape, and made the frequency response smoother across the spectrum. There is no doubt LetShuoer Tape Pro is the best buy dynamic headphones and armature iem for every enthusiast of heavy music and Rock & Roll.


Dynamic Headphones & Armature IEM with Bass Tuning Screws

Although Tape Pro has a satisfying stock tuning, we wanted to add another joy of customizability. Thus this armature in ear monitors comes up with a physical screw mechanism instead of dip switches because…uh…because we can! With the screw positions swapped, the bass region can be boosted up by 2db.


Dynamic Headphones & Armature IEM with Upgrading Cables

With the new dynamic driver and filter placement, we’ve tamed the 4KHz peak, increased the vertical soundscape, and made the frequency response smoother across the spec. To create a perfect dynamic headphones, once again, we took our fans’ feedback and opted for a two-pin 0.78mm connector for Tape Pro. Dual-pin connectors have been shown to have better compatibility with third-party cables and our dual-pin receivers. they are also reinforced. On the other hand, our engineers have put a lot of effort into sourcing the new rod cable to achieve an exciting off-white helix look. The cable consists of 368 strands of silver monocrystalline copper that is terminated with a 2.5mm TRRS connector. A 3.5mm 90 degree single ended adapter is also included.

Rugged construction

The impressive look of this dynamic headphones Tape Pro was also an encore. The same high-quality chassis is milled from a solid piece of aluminum in a 5-axis CNC process, with industry-leading precision all the way through. This care reduces resonance in Tape Pro’s acoustic chambers, providing balanced frequencies in every octave.


New nozzle filters

We have included a screw-on nozzle filter for ease of cleaning. Whenever the earwax starts to degrade the performance of the armature in ear monitors, take it out and wash it simply, make it dry, and soon everything will be ok.

Upgrading features:

●New tuning

●Updated driver placement

●New dual-pin 0.78 cables

●New silver-blue colorway

●New bass tuning screws

●New packaging


What is in the box?

●Shuoer Tape Pro

 ●Stock cables

●2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male adapter

 ●Carrying case

●Four pairs of silicone tips in various sizes

●Replacement nozzle filters x 2

●Replacement bass tuning screws x 2

●Bass tuning screwdriver

●Shuoer product catalogue

 ●Quick start guide

Drivers10mm dynamic + magnetostatic driver
Frequency Response20Hz – 30KHz
Cable368-strains silver-plated monocrystalline copper
ConnectorStandard 0.78mm Dual Pin
Plug0.78mm dual pin
Case MaterialCNC Aviation Grade Aluminum

Color options:

Silver, Black


Silver, Black


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