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At LETSHUOER, we have a team of reliable in ear monitors experts. We aim to create in ear custom monitors, IEM headphones, high-end headphones for audiophiles and music lovers. Our core team members has an average of decade and a half experience in research, custom audio engineering and manufacturing innovative acoustic products. LETSHUOER has produced several winning models with great reputation from around the world, including EJ07, EJ07M, EJ09, Tape Pro, Singer, Conductor, Soloist.



  • Founded by audiophiles in pursuit of ultimate HIFI experience
  • 100% designed and hand-assembled in house by LETSHUOER team
  • Uncompromising quality standard
  • Profits reinvested to research and development
  • Word of mouth marketing and slim ad budget
  • Direct contact with our customer service and engineer

Featured In Ear Monitors Products


Best buy fashion in ear monitors headphones for girl with exquisite design

Singer is a petite and exquisite design in ear monitors headphones for girls and ladies. As per WOM from worldwide fans, it is an in ear monitors that every girl deserves to own.



Hybrid HIFI headphones designed for heavy metal and rock enthusiasts.

LETSHUOER Tape is a best buy hybrid HIFI headphones for heavy metal music and rock enthusiasts. It is featured with wild appearance and excellent sounds.

Tape Pro

Hybrid headphones created for ultimate in ears hearing for heavy metal and rock music

Tape Pro is a best magnetostatic hybrid headphones IEM. It is a complete upgrade of LETSHUOER Tape in ear monitors.



Flagship stage performing in ear monitors for musicians, singers, drummers, bands, studio monitoring and DJ.

The design goal of EJ07M was to meet the high requirements of stage performances. They have high level of passive noise cancelling, provides clear and punchy sound, and excellent acoustic profile. It is the best in ear monitors for singers, drummers, and studio monitoring.


Ultimate in ear monitors for listening to solo and acoustic instruments.

As an acoustic instrument focused in ear monitors, EJ09 has the most advanced crossover network ever built in an LETSHUOER IEM. This in ear monitors leveraged our two decades of sound research and cutting-edge audio manufacturing technology.

letshuoer-in ear monitors company-hi fi wired headphones-Soloist-92501


Hifi wired headphones with high end dynamic drivers designed for longtime hearing comfort.

As a pair of passive noise cancelling headphones, Soloist utilize the unique dynamic Kevlar dome driver with liquid silicone surrounds. This cutting edge tech makes it to be one of the best hifi wired headphones online.



Artisan In ear monitors for audiophile of classic and symphony. Enjoy the larger than life timbre and immersion.

EJ07 is a masterpiece IEM that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship of LETSHUOER. It is a well-built in ear monitors for musicians and also recognized as the best audiophile in ear monitors of our fans.


Pure classic and symphony in ear monitor. High end concert earphones LETSHUOER creates for Conductors, musicians, and artists.

Conductor represents peak technology and acoustic research. It is the best suited for classical music headphones that every musicians and audiophile deserves to own.


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