The Global Expansion

LETSHUOER was founded in 2016. Our main goal is to design the best audio devices so music enthusiast will recognize the quality in our products.

Part of the plan to increase brand recognition is to show our gears face to face with music enthusiasts in T.H.E. Show in Long Beach, LA, California. We are grateful for all the people we met from all walks of life with their support, and this is a short report of what went down.


The Home Entertainment Show

T.H.E show went on from 10-12th June, 2022. If you missed out, don't fret. Follow all our socials and hopefully we will be able to see you in person in the short future in other trade shows.

This year's show is an interesting one because this happen to be the first show  on North American soil where we attended with our salaried staff. We learnt a lot about what works and what doesn't through this process. We gave out a bunch of air fresheners that smells great as souvenirs. Overall, meeting people and seeing their eye light up when they got to hear the EJ07M or EJ07 was just priceless.

We brought our all-star line-up to the show, including the S12, EJ07M, Kinda Lava, EJ07 and EJ09. Our international marketing and outreach guy, Joseph, was at ground level in helping out show attendees to find the IEM that suits their taste. Should you have future questions, please reach out to us on the Discord server. He is online weekdays, 9am - 11pm PST.