Crazy Ghostly Halloween Sale

Spooking Up All of October!

Let the Halloween countdown begins!

This year, LETSHUOER intend to make Halloween to be the wildest, spookiest spectacle of the year.

We are bringing you an array of irresistible promotional events that you absolutely cannot miss. Let's dive into the exciting details of these two major events together!

The LETSHUOER Halloween Sales event will run from October 16th to October 31st.

Halloween Activity One

S12 / S12pro Open-box

The open-box activity of the LETSHUOER S12 / S12pro, which was previously limited in availability, has garnered lots of interest from audiophiles. People who missed out during the past sales constantly asked us to bring it back. As such, you guys’ wishes are our command! Snatch it while stock last!

S12 Open Box

Open box at a discounted price
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S12 Pro Open Box

Open box at a discounted price
Get this offer @ LETSHUOER store

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Halloween Activity Two

Purchase specific products to receive a free DT01

While we may not be able to SHUOER, I mean shower, you with candies this season, we got you DT01 as stocking stuffer. During the event, when you place an order for specific products listed below, LETSHUOER will provide a free DT01 dongle, so audiophiles can enjoy their music wherever they are!

The specified products are: DZ4, S12, S12 Pro, D13, EJ07, EJ07m, EJ09, Cadenza 12

In this magical season, we all look forward to spending this special holiday with you. Thank you for your continuous support for LETSHUOER, and we look forward to celebrating Halloween in October with you!


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