Hey everyone! The Lunar New Year is approaching, which is a big deal for a lot of Asian countries. As a Chinese HIFI earphone brand, LETSHUOER would like to extend a multitude of benefits to all audiophiles to celebrate this traditional festival together!

 Don't Miss the sales event that runs from 9th Feb 2024 [GMT+8 0:00 AM] to 29th Feb 2024[GMT+8 23:59 PM].

Sales events

S15 Limited Discount

Sales events



Holiday Notice

As Lunar New Year 2024 is quickly approaching, we'd like to let you know that the company will be on leave from 31st Jan to 18th Feb.

 All orders with DZ4, S12, S12 Pro and S15 that are purchased from our Amazon store will be fulfilled through Amazon warehouse. All other orders will proceed with fulfillment starting from 19th Feb, and we will include a $5 cash coupon for use on our official website, which can be used in the month of February and March.

During the Lunar New Year sales, we hope you would find your favorite earphones to accompany you into the year of dragon. Cheers!

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