All the things that you are curious about Cadenza 4 are here for you!

Q1: What makes Cadenza4’s 1DD 3BA driver array unique?

A1: The 1DD+3BA configuration may not be a particularly remarkable one nowadays since most of the IEMs tend to give emphasis on high driver count or the use of esoteric driver types.

Rather than chasing gimmicks we have decided to return to the basic when designing Cadenza4, to convey the tuning concept of LETSHUOER that is natural, comfortable, and enjoyable to listen to.

The 10mm dual-chambered beryllium coated DD + 3 BA drivers allow Cadenza4 to have outstanding performance in sound, and the micrometer-level 3D precision printing structure aims to guarantee the sound accuracy and the ultimate fine-tuning of sound details.

All these design details come together seamlessly. Once you give it a try, you'll realize that it would not let you down, either in terms of the product construction or in terms of the sound quality.

Q2: What are the design inspirations of the Cadenza4?

A2: The overall Cadenza4 follows the design of the Cadenza series and draws inspiration from the minimalistic design of our flagship product, the Cadenza12.

Cadenza4 once again collaborates with HeyGear Technology in crafting the 3D printed resin chassis. The understated silver and white color scheme form the base for the Cadenza4. 

The CNC machined aluminum faceplate has a matte finish, and is coupled with two sharp lines on the front which act as an accent design element.

Q3: As the successor of Cadenza 12, what features of the Cadenza 12 has Cadenza 4 inherited? Will these features be carried on in the future entries to the series as well? 

A3: The Cadenza series will become the mid-to-high-end product series of LETSHUOER, and we will continue to add more IEMs to the collection which would cover different price points and multiple configurations. 

Cadenza12 opts for the configuration of 1DD 11BA, while Cadenza4 goes for the configuration of 1DD 3BA. This series has a heavy focus on hybrid IEM of a single DD paired with multiple BA’s, and the direction of tuning will have a certain level of consistency across the board.

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Q4: What are the specs of the stock cable of Cadenza4?

A4: The stock cable of the earphone is arguably the most important accessory, which aims to aid the earphones in giving that finishing touch.

LETSHUOER tried many cables with Cadenza4, and finally selected the 392-strands silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable. It enhances the sound purity, retains an abundant of micro details, and conducts the analog signal to the earphones without any distortion.

It comes standard with three types of right-angled interchangeable plugs, which significantly improves device compatibility with a plethora of the source equipment.

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