LETSHUOER CanJam Singapore 2024

Dive into the feast for audiofiles

Did you guys enjoy CANJAM Singapore? The two-day CANJAM Singapore has officially ended. In this remarkable CANJAM, LETSHUOER is co-presented by @Zeppelin & Co. How many of you have experienced our products on the scene? Leave a comment below! The highly anticipated Cadenza4 has been unveiled to the public, and many audiophiles came to the venue to audition the set.

CanJam on-site pictures


As another entry to our Cadenza series, Cadenza4, this brand-new hybrid IEM was the center of attentions. It utilizes a single 10mm large-diameter beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver unit, 1 Sonion and 2 Knowles BA drivers. The Cadenza4's elaborately neutral tuning offers a great alternative for those who don't like too much emphasis on low and high frequencies.


As a pair of 7-driver earphones, the EJ07 is housed in a handcrafted resin with reflective flakes adorned faceplate and transparent shell that is very eye-catching. Plug this IEM in, and the world of music is right by your ears.

The closely related sibling, EJ07M, was created for stage performance. Whether you are a singer, a drummer, plays in a band or a DJ, you will be impressed by EJ07 and EJ07M’s charm. Both earphones can be ordered in custom resin shell. The lightweight chassis of EJ07 & EJ07M combined with the interesting tuning and the unique appearance have also gained a dedicated fan base.

Every time we get to meet enthusiastic audiophiles is an opportunity for us to reflect upon our work and make further progresses. For us, CANJAM has been, and continue to be, unparalleled journey. Every innovation of ours is for the betterment of your listening experience. We can’t wait to see you all again next time.
Until then, CANJAM, keep calm and continue your music journey. Cheers!

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