LETSHUOER VGP 2024 SUMMER Awards Giveaway

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Letshuoer Product's Award-winning Moment!

To celebrate Letshuoer's honour, we're giving away a Cadenza4, an S15 and a DZ4 to three lucky winners!

Don't miss out!


The VGP award, which stands for Visual Grand Prix, is a well-known comprehensive award for audio-visual equipment in Japan. It is organized and selected by the Japanese Onkyo Publishing House.

VGP award started in 1987 and has a history of more than 30 years, known as the "Oscar in the audio field".

Obtaining the VGP award means that the product has received authoritative recognition in terms of appearance and audio quality, and has a benchmark significance for the consumer electronics industry.

This time, three products of  LETSHUOER have received this honor:

VGP 2024 SUMMER Gold Award

S15: A New Evolution Of The Planar IEM

(Third Generation 14.8mm Planar Driver&

6mm R-Sonic Passive Radiator)

VGP 2024 SUMMER Awarded

Cadenza4: Melodies of enchantment

(10mm dual-chambered beryllium coated DD &3 BA drivers, Quad driver hybrid in-ear hifi earphones).

VGP 2024 SUMMER Awarded

DZ4: Essential EDC Hifi in Ear Earphone

(Three dynamic drivers & R-Sonic Passive Radiator).

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