As Christmas approaches and the conclusion of 2023 is iminent, the important question is, have you treated yourself to a new pair of earphones this year? Jingle all the way to savings!  Dive into the holiday spirit with LETSHUOER's Christmas SALE EVENT! Score the gift of crystal-clear tunes at DEEP DISCOUNTS – a melody for your ears, and joy for your wallet. Limited stock, limitless cheer!

 Don't Miss the sales event from 1th, DEC,2023 [GMT+8 0:00 AM] to 31st,DEC, 2023[GMT+8 23:59 PM]

Christmas Sales One

UP To 50% Discount

Christmas Sales Two

Order now for to get a free DT01 dongle .

Place an order during the sale to receive a free DT01. Please note that this offer does not apply to standalone orders of S15 earphones or other cable accessories. However, ordering S15 along with cables and accessories together, or other earphones in our catalog, qualifies for a free DT01 dongle.

Christmas Sales Three

Mystical Boxing Day

This Christmas, the third exciting event is the mysterious Boxing Day activity– a limited-time, limited-quantity sale!

Now it's here! The S12pro openbox is once again unveiled!

Activity date runs from 26th Dec to 31st Dec.

As the year draws to a close, LETSHUOER extends heartfelt gratitude to our incredible customers and loyal fanbase for an awesome 2023! Your support has been our fuel for our future endeavours. Thank you for choosing LETSHUOER – here's to another year of exceptional audio experiences together!

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