LETSHUOER, formerly known as Shuoer Acoustics, have always been committed to providing audio products with a LETSHUOER flavor to audio enthusiasts around the world. We do our best in participating relevant exhibitions around the world, so that everyone can experience the products we designed, and we can better communicate with you. This time around, we came to Taiwan.

Taiwan Portable Audio Fair TPAF

2022 is the second year running for TPAF. It is an event that brings together many headphone brands into a single venue so enthusiasts can audition lots of headphones. LETSHUOER is glad to be part of this Taichung show to meet everyone.

An overview of the show

This exhibition gathered a lot of exhibitors, including AKG, Hifiman, LETSHUOER, Fiio, FIR AUDIO and other headphone brands. Lots of products attracted the attention of show-goers. It’s truly a hifi showdown.

See you in Wuhan

We go to shows often because we are actively looking for people who find our understandings of music agreeable. We are grateful to meet people and showcase our passion for music, and special thanks to everyone who enjoys LETSHUOER gears. See you in Wuhan on September 4th!

Can’t come to the shows to audition? Don’t worry. The EJ09 and EJ07M exhibited in the show is open to an audition tour. All you need to do is put down a deposit, and we can refund you upon return of the item. If you are interested, please contact us on Discord or WhatsApp.

Special notice

The renowned LETSHUOER S12 was released at the end of 2021.

Yet the hype train is still going strong, in our home turf and international market.

Coinciding with the sixth anniversary of LETSHUOER,

We prepared a special version for S12, the S12 Pro.

Coming soon, stay tuned!

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