LETSHUOER S08 有線インナーイヤー型イヤホン 第四世代13mmカスタム平面駆動型ドライバー搭載 有線イヤモニ カナル型 モニターイヤホン2pin 0.78mm 単結晶銅銀メッキケーブル(3.5mm/4.4mm交換可能プラグ

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新構造 新躍動


  • 「S08」は、LETSHUOER協同開発をかけたカスタム第四世代13mm平面駆動型ドライバーを搭載しております。精密な製造技術とドライバーの新構造によって、従来の平面駆動ドライバーと大きく違い、「S08」が採用した平面ドライバーは安定性を大幅に増強し、より低い歪みと超高速な過渡応答を実現しました。
  • 「S08」の第四世代平面ドライバーの振動板はマグネトロンスパッタリングという高精度薄膜形成技術によって製造されました。高純度銅を振動板に吸着させ、振動板の剛性を向上させることにより、音の歪みを抑制した上、高安定性と高耐久性を実現しました。
  • 高精度薄膜形成技術以外、「S08」の第四世代平面ドライバーは伝統的な平面ドライバーの単層ボイスコイル回路と違い、二層ボイスコイル回路という新構造を採用しております。二層ボイスコイル回路は直接に振動板を駆動して振動させ、共振を大幅に減少します。
  • 「S08」の第四世代平面ドライバーはボイスコイルの側に、PTR弾性フィルムを素材にするエッジを追加しました。エッジによって振動板の延性が増強され、低域の深さを大幅に向上し、弾力のある低音表現を可能としました。
  • 「S08」は「8」数字をイメージにした流線型の筐体を採用し、軽量化のアルミ合金を素材にして高精度CNCプロセスによって製造されます。
  • ショットブラスト仕上げにより、筐体は肌に優しく、耐久性も向上します。ブラックとシルバー、2色があります。
  • 「S08」純正ケーブルは4芯*30本*0.05mmの単結晶銅銀メッキ線材を採用しており、 高い伝送性能、繊細なディテールと豊かな空間感を実現しました。

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style: black+m11 3.5mm

  • black+m11 3.5mm
  • black+m11 4.4mm
  • silver+m11 3.5mm
  • silver+m11 4.4mm
  • S08 Black
  • S08 Silver
出荷時期は未定です。 [19041994]


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Customer Reviews

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Luis Enrique Neri Zepeda
Más que un iem

Había probado varios iem de la marca Letshuoer, pero por una u otra razón no llegaban a conquistarme, pero al probar el S08 todo cambió, tiene un sonido equilibrado y con buena presencia en todas las frecuencias, tal vez no sea el más virtuoso, pero tiene algo que te envuelve, también puedo decir que es un iem sensible a cambios sutiles, pero no me voy a enredar tanto describiendo el sonido, solo diré que es muy bueno y si no te convences de adquirirlo, te recomiendo que veas la revisión qué an estado saliendo.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Very good indeed

Almost DD performance from a planar is an achievement. It lacks a touch of power in the sub bass compared it to my simgot EA500LM which is stunning In this regard but every other aspect of bass reproduction is excellent. Mids are clean and very revealing. Highs are smooth with decent detail but lack a touch of sparkle. All in it's a very good IEM which I cannot fault at the price I paid.

LETSHUOER S08 review of planar iem by ICYGENIUS 🎧

(Low Frequencies)
Low frequencies here are presented as powerful with good pressure and depth, and just the craziest killer punch on the midbass, and these headphones are noticeably bassier than the S15 in comparison, but at the same time the bass here is exactly the same clearly controlled, albeit in both cases there is a slight neat approach to the lower middle, but I like it even more, as it gives the vocals more warmth and weight, and it’s also worth praising the highlighted initial attack of bass notes, and the detailed reproduction of texture and distortion, even if it’s a little less transparent compared to the S15, but still no less, at this price this is really a very good result, in general this is what I expected from planars.
(Mid Frequencies)
But the mid frequencies here are presented as tonally one of the warmest, I would even say super warmest in presentation that I have seen lately, here it is guys, just real preserved neutrality with an absolutely pleasant soft delivery of the vocal part, without the excessive energy of amplification of the upper middle region as happens in headphones with Harman settings, due to which the vocals here are presented much more calmly, I would even say softly, like a floating cloud, and it does not tire you at all, even if you listen to them all day.
And it’s worth saying that the drums here do their job very clearly and under control, with excellent transients, without at all getting ahead of everything else in the mix.
That is, in general, this tone turned out to be very pleasant to my ears, as in the S15, and I’m glad that they didn’t change anything here in this regard, there is no strange crooked timbre, and there is only a smooth sound with natural timbres that is soft like a blanket wraps you up and you just relax in this extremely pleasant flow while listening to your favorite compositions!
Moreover, I would like to note that the headphones simply cope well with bad recordings, since they do not show you at all all these nuances and problems of mixing music, so if in your audio library the music you listen to is in some places well recorded and in others poorly, then with these headphones you don’t even have to worry about this account, since they will convey everything to you carefully, and without clearly highlighting the problems of the compositions, as happens with other headphones.
(High Frequencies)
But the high frequencies here, unlike the S15, are presented much more smoothly and warmly, and I would say super restrained, there are absolutely no sibilances or unpleasant bursts, but at the same time I will note that the cymbals are all clearly audible, albeit a little less sharply attack, and not as transparent and airy as it was in S15,
but I definitely wouldn’t say that the headphones are hiding something from you here, in general that the percussion and various micro nuances are audible here, even if not so obvious and revealing, but they are there and haven’t gone anywhere, and if you want to get more analytics and technicality, then you should definitely look towards the LetShuoer S15, and for all the other guys who just want to enjoy a piece of music without any hassles and at the same time inexpensively, then s08 is definitely your choice.
My conclusion on this headphones!
Letshuoer S08 is, in my opinion, a more budget version of my favorite planar headphones LetShuoer S15, and the character and overall tonality here are very similar, except that the presentation here is perceived much warmer and I would even say to some extent analog soft, especially at high frequencies
and I think that the S08 turned out to be competent and, most importantly, clearly tuned headphones with a powerful textured bass and a very pleasant presentation that does not tire at all during long listening sessions, and I am glad that they did not come up with anything new and radically change the settings, but simply went with what was already proven and familiar tuning option like the older model S15.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Mj Apolonio
Nice IEM

I like the sound overall, I just find the cable kinda low-end budget.

Aric Vogel
S08 Best Budget Planar

Awesome IEM, easily the best tuned Planar from $0 - $400 category. Not much to note because the S08 excels at everything and is very enjoyable for all genres. The only critique I have, the high end could have a little more extension, but for $99 my expectations overall are blown away. Easy recommend and purchase.

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LETSHUOER S08 有線インナーイヤー型イヤホン 第四世代13mmカスタム平面駆動型ドライバー搭載 有線イヤモニ カナル型 モニターイヤホン2pin 0.78mm 単結晶銅銀メッキケーブル(3.5mm/4.4mm交換可能プラグ

S08 Black
S08 Black
$199.00 $99.00